Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Here are a selection of animations ranging from my first in A-level, through my Foundation year up to the present:

I was asked to animate this bear for the Copenhagen G8 summit in 2009. A group called the 'Ice Bear Project' placed a life sized ice sculpture of a bear on Nytrov (New Square) in Copenhagen, the bear then melted over the course of a few days leaving only a metal skeleton and a powerful message. This animation was designed for their website.

This was my first attempt at animation during my A-level and it was what made me want to study Animation at university! I wanted to visualize the effect of negative media on the public, how it can make the world seem like a corrupt dark place if you don't notice the positive events occurring all around you.

This was my final major project for my Foundation year; it's a series of interviews with my friends and family discussing their nostalgic memories and opinions on when the 'best years of their life' were or will be. The original has background music but it makes the video size too big for Blogspot to upload so here is the version without music:

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