Monday, 17 August 2015


Blimey it's been ages - a year and four months! I've been doing a lot of animating and not much drawing recently, and what I have drawn I've forgotten to put up.. I'm not even sure who I do this blog for really. "hello... is anyone out there..?" maybe not, maybe it's just me talking myself , but it's cathartic anyway so here goes!

My latest Project has been on an up-and-coming brand called Growlmama who create (in their own words) : "Stylish, functional accessories for design-loving dogs & their parents." They've asked me to design a type of animated mascot based on the Growlmama's creator's dog - Frida, for their website and Instagram page. (@growlmama /

I'm still in the concept stages and it's a challenge as I haven't spent much time drawing dogs but I'm having so much fun sketching her.

We should be nearing a final design very soon so I'll try an update this as much as I can - especially when I get around to animating her!

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